Rave Reviews

Those who know me

Nathalie Dupuy:
I’m very proud of Darline and what she's doing, finding time to care for others while she's taking care of her kids. It’s a challenge. As a friend and coworker, I find out she is a very amazing and gifted person. May the Lord continue to bless her in so many ways that she could ever imagine. Keep up the good work my friend. Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New year.

Onide Paul:
Darline Chudoba is an amazing person inside and out. We’ve been friends for over a decade and I can honestly say that she’s definitely the kind of friend u would want in your corner. She is caring, loving, and compassionate; she embodies it all. She enjoys helping everyone she encounters to elevate themselves whether it’s through teaching or coaching. She also provides the necessary tools to guide each person to their full potential. I admire her strength & her tenacity to keep pushing through and helping others to do the same😇❤️

Yolette Celancier:
Darline, you are awesome! You're caring, loving and selfless. I remember you came to my niece's sweet 16th birthday party, you took charge of decoration for free and you did face painting for the younger kids for free. It was total satisfaction!